"CARDS" series. Mixed technique on cardboard cm. 30x40.

Each subject is made in 30 numbered copies and executed entirely by hand.

The imaginary of our childhood meets classical sculpture. And here everything is always current. The human events described in the past, today contaminated, are reborn with new hidden readings.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017
Image ID: 44.-Moonella.jpg
Image ID: 43. Futuro bozzetto 50x40.jpg
Image ID: 42. Canpo etrusco 50x40 museo archeologico Sarteano 2022.jpg
Image ID: 41.-Miwa-Jeeg-Zagor-Holly.jpg
Image ID: 40. Arpia Silen e Devil Man amore e psiche - su commissione.jpg
Image ID: 39. Lamu e Batman.jpg
Image ID: 38.-aquaman-Fontana_dei_Quattro_Fiumi-Bernini.jpg
Image ID: 37.-louvre-gaulois-blesse-opera-su-commissione-Harlock.jpg
Image ID: 36.-opera-su-commissione.jpg
Image ID: 36.-opera-su-commissione-2.jpg
Image ID: 35.-Galata-Ferito.jpg
Image ID: 34.-omaggio-a-Civita-di-Bagnoregio-da-Atlante-Farnese.jpg
Image ID: 33.-Carte-Atlante-Farnese.jpg
Image ID: 32.-Spider-Man.jpg
Image ID: 31.-Fantam.jpg
Image ID: 30.-Bacio-di-Brancusi.jpg
Image ID: 29. Ratto Proserpina opera su commissione.jpg
Image ID: 28. Ratto Sabine.jpg
Image ID: 27. Piet di Michelangelo.jpg
Image ID: 26. Galata morente Epigono 230 220ac.jpg
Image ID: 25. Femme accroupie Camille Claudel 1884.jpg
Image ID: 24. Torse dadle 1878 Auguste Rodin.jpg
Image ID: 23. Opera di Igor Mitoraj.jpg
Image ID: 22. Acis e Galatea August Otten 1863.jpg
Image ID: 21. Tre grazie del Canova su commissione.jpg
Image ID: 20. David di Michelangelo.jpg
Image ID: 19. Mich schiavo che si ridesta.jpg
Image ID: 18. Mich schiavo barbuto.jpg
Image ID: 17. Prigioni Mich schiavo morente.jpg
Image ID: 16. Ermafrodito dormiente.jpg
Image ID: 15. Efebo di Crizio.jpg
Image ID: 14. Grazie Thorvaldsen.jpg
Image ID: 13. Marte e Venere.jpg
Image ID: 12. Satiro e ninfa.jpg
Image ID: 11. Mano colossale di Costantino.jpg
Image ID: 10. Testa colossale di Costantino.jpg
Image ID: 09. Torso Belvedere.jpg
Image ID: 08. Piet.jpg
Image ID: 07. Ratto Proserpina.jpg
Image ID: 06. Rodin Leterna primavera.jpg
Image ID: 05. Venere di Milo.jpg
Image ID: 04. Ratto Sabine Giambologna.jpg
Image ID: 03. Tre grazie canova.jpg
Image ID: 02. Amore e Psiche.jpg
Image ID: 01. Particolare del Partenone.jpg