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Valeria Arnaldi: “Myths and heroes, from memory to the present time”

Valeria Arnaldi: "Myths and heroes, from memory to the present time" 

Heroes, sexy young witches, big robots. The protagonists of the most famous animated stories - transmitted by the Italian television in the 70' and 80s - enliven Easypop's artistic research and its construction of an adult collective imagination, but deeply rooted in infancy, in an attempt to extend the fantasies of that time, finally giving them body and so expanding a kind of golden age - both personal and collective - but giving them a new conscience and, above all, a new freedom. And even making it real, through the "contact" with reality...

From work to work, Easypop creates unusual games and dialogues between high arguments and others commonly considered to be lighter, on a path that ranges from Manga to politics to tell our daily life. The result is a lively proposal for an image debate about the culture of our time and its categorizations, aimed at overturning clichés and stereotypes or at least creating new ones. Here come the works inspired by the characters of the most well-known animated series of the so-called Anime Boom alongside others in which politics is rethought in its symbols and especially in its faces. Therefore, from Lamù to Angela Merkel.

A great deal of attention is devoted to the reinterpretation of the "myth" in an unexpected encounter between classical forms and figures of the contemporary collective imagination, which becomes a reflection on the modern phenomenon of "mythologization", changing the very meaning of the word hero and, above all, its perception. It is in this view that, both in the Cards and in monumental canvases, Easypop rereads masterpieces of the history of international art through heroes and heroines of the Japanese pop culture, working as a trait d'union between the works, the irony, the desire not to take yourself and the reality too seriously. The result is an immersion into our imagination, encmpassing nostalgia and analysis, aimed at remembering and renewing the passions of the past to give new freshness to the persons and even to the gaze. A journey into the fantastic, encompassing memory and present, yesterday and today's icons, childhood passions and adult reflections, which puts the Easypop project into the wider reinterpretation of pop that is affecting the international art scene.

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