They say about EasyPop

Julian Mineo Savona (art critic and historian)

In the contemporary art scene, the works of Easypop express absolute originality and creative vitality, which are extremely rare in today's two-dimensional art, and finally contrast with the common and sterile repetition of stereotypes and mannerisms. Still today, it is customary to come across works that quote, echo or literally copy iconographic models borrowed from the great representatives of the historic avant-gardes. And it is common to come across artists who still paint, after many decades, the same places and mannequins that De Chirico did and that use Dalì's stylistic morphemes or Pollock's "dripping", blending in some cases parts of these different languages into a single composition.

Conversely, Roberto Mazzeo's art expresses narrative coherence and an organic vision.

It can surely be called Neo Pop art, as the artist uses iconographic models that are now universally part of the popular culture and the collective imagination, precisely in this re-emergence, from the depth of interiority, of the same original contradiction (well exemplified in the ˜Oedipus King" by Sophocles.)

For these reasons the works of the artist synthesize and express the same pathos and the same sensibility as classical authors.

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