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In Tolfa "Radar - Explorers of the Imaginary"

In Tolfa "Radar - Explorers of the Imaginary"

The 4th edition will be held tomorrow and Sunday in the council room and in the municipal gardens

TOLFA — The 4th edition of "Radar - Explorers of the imaginary" will be held on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July in two venues: the council room and the municipal gardens.
This exposition is devoted to fantasy and will include through literary meetings, art exhibitions, readings and writers and "focuses on the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars and then get lost in the labyrinthic and woody meanders of the fantasy genre, to get where no one has ever gone before", the organizers explain.
The artistic director, Pierluigi Manieri (essayist, writer and cultural event curator), chose a rich parterre of guests: Roberto Genovesi, the novelist specializing in historical fantasy; the Urania Prize winner, Sandro Battisti; Manga experts and essayists like Valeria Arnaldi and Riccardo Rosati; and then Alessandro Bottero, cartoonist and essayist, the "metaphysic" poetess Ksenja Laginja, the writer and fantasy poetess Serena Maffia, the film critic Stefano Coccia.
Speeches of members of the Italian Tolkienian Society are planned, as well as an exhibition of the works of the most representative artists of Neo Pop: Angelo Barile, Giancarlo Montuschi, Easypop.
There will also be the opportunity to greet Sergio Alan D. Altieri, a 'maximum weight' of the Italian genre literature. It will be a moment to commemorate the author through the comments and memories of the persons who met and knew him.

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