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Picciafuoco - Seconda edizione

Picciafuoco - Seconda edizione

The sculpture FUTURO created by the artist Easypop in collaboration with the local figure Francesco Laforgia will be "discovered" in Rutigliano (Ba) in Piazza Colamussi in the historic center of the town on Friday 23 December 2022, during the Picciafuoco event organized by the Municipality and the 'abs. LUP - Country Urban Laboratory. The sculpture enters the collection of Galloforie, the open-air Museum of the Terracotta Whistle, permanently.

below is the text accompanying the work: FUTURE

In an increasingly interconnected world, driven to become more and more a global village, enhancing one's territory by enhancing its specific peculiarities is already today's challenge and will be above all tomorrow. The work conceived by Easypop, with the four-handed collaboration of the local figure Francesco Laforgia, is the perfect synthesis, a meeting between tradition and a look to the future. The symbols that characterize Rutigliano made by the figure on the bottom intersect with Daisuke, a character from Japanese cartoons that Easypop decontextualizes from his usual role thus becoming the man of the future. Retrieving the icons of the place, from San Nicola protector of the town and dispenser of three apples which later became golden in the handed down story, he once again offers us the gifts, as an opportunity to be seized and addresses not only the individual observer but the entire community that , only with constant will and commitment, will it be ready to ferry the unique wealth of its territory over time.
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