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EasyPop Collection

EasyPop Collection

The Easypop Collection contemporary art exhibition by the Roman artist Roberto Mazzeo, aka Easypop, will be inaugurated on Friday 3 June at 7 pm, at the "G. e P. Didonna" Archaeological Museum of the Municipality of Rutigliano.

The exhibition, sponsored and organized by the Municipality of Rutigliano and by APS LUP - URBAN COUNTRY LABORATORY, will take place concurrently with the terracotta whistle fair on 4 and 5 June and will be an opportunity to meet to discover and present the artist to one's fellow citizens. selected to enrich the heritage of "Galloforie" the Open Air Museum of the Terracotta Whistle of Rutigliano. In the coming months, Easypop will create its own terracotta sculpture with the collaboration of a local figure and which will then be permanently installed in a square in the historic center.

A real twinning between the Municipality and the artist who, already active throughout the national territory for years, has always sought sharing and inclusion for their art projects, reaching an ever wider audience. In 2018, precisely for his commitment, for the originality of his artistic research and for the implicit informative force present in his works, he was awarded the prestigious Leonardo Award.

Then he has numerous exhibitions in museums, historic buildings and art galleries throughout Italy, he is now considered one of the best known artists of the new contemporary Pop art.

Easypop's work presents itself as a perfect combination and meeting point between classical, Hellenic, Renaissance art (our universal cultural heritage), and the characters of Japanese and American cartoons that are part of the media imagery of an entire generation born between the 70s and 80s.

The paintings, sculptures and drawings created trace an ideal path that mixes and makes the icons their own, regenerating them, giving them new life and offering the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the same classical works mentioned through the story of anecdotes and mythological legends from which arise.

"Knowing the artistic vision of the Easypop project, we are curious to find out what can arise from the contamination with the art of our land" declares Gianluca Giugno (president of the Urban Country Laboratory). "Our association has always set itself the goal of developing the potential of Rutigliano's art and territory, improving the livability of the town through beauty. Easypop will help us do it".

The exhibition at the Civic Archaeological Museum is the way in which the artist will present himself to the community while on 5 June 2020 - the final evening of the Terracotta Whistle Fair - Roberto Mazzeo will go to the historic "Palazzo Moccia" to choose the artist with whom he will have to confront. This will happen with a dedicated event in which Roberto Mazzeo will find himself in front of the works of different Terracotta artisans, choosing who to make a bond with by being recalled by the soul of the clay artifact.

Appointment in Rutigliano, June 3, 2022 at 19:00 at the Archaeological Museum "G. e P. Didonna" for the Press Conference that will inaugurate "EASYPOP COLLECTION - Paintings, sculptures and drawings between myths and fantastic heroes".

"EASYPOP COLLECTION - Paintings, sculptures and drawings between myths and fantastic heroes" will be open to tourists on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June on the ground floor of the Archaeological Museum of Rutigliano from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 17:00 to 22:00: 00. Free entry
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