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Easypop Collection by Roberto Mazzeo

The imagery of our childhood meets classical sculpture. And here everything is always current. Human events, described in the past, today contaminated, are reborn. 

"... I use cartoon characters as if they were tools, tools that I decontextualize from the original role, making them contemporary icons", this is how the artist tells. 

Easypop's work presents itself as a perfect combination and a meeting point between Japanese and European culture. 

The artist reinterprets famous classical works of art through the use of the souls of the 70s and 80s that depopulated in those years and obtained a great success also here in Europe and that still enjoy a great following. 

Like the great Go Nagai, creator of the mythical robots inspired by the imaginary and the Hellenic iconographic tradition, Easypop traces an ideal path to the contrary in which, reworking in the all-Italian way, it reshuffles and makes the icons its own to make them live again between classic and contemporaneity. The exhibition will therefore be an opportunity to grasp and recount approaches, similarities and differences between the two cultures and also offers the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the same classic works cited through the tale of mythological anecdotes and legends from which they derive. 

Artist Name - easypop-collection
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