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Andy Warhol the alchemist of the sixties

Andy Warhol the alchemist of the sixties
After the Palazzo Reale in Monza the exhibition moved to Puglia in the cities of Ostuni, Mesagne and Martina Franca.

EASYPOP will be present, along with the American pop art master, with some works.

The exhibition, open from May 23 to December 9, 2019, curated by Maurizio Vanni, was produced by Puglia Micexperience and by the Spirale d'Idee Cultural Association in collaboration with the Metamorfosi Cultural Association, with the sponsorship of the three municipalities involved and of the Puglia Region and with the participation, in the catalog created by Silvana Editoriale, of the Andy Warhol Art Works Foundation for the Visual Arts. The exhibition includes six exhibition sections, in order to tell the artist Warhol, but above all the impact and resonance that his art has had and continues to have on other disciplines and on civil society, through cities, nations and continents:

  • Consumerism, everyday objects and seriality
    Andy Warhol was the first to see in the object of mass consumption a symbol of the popular imagination, which Pop Art nourished (The famous lithograph of the Cambpell Soup, for instance).
  • Myths beyond time
    Sometimes we wonder if my Marilyn Monroe would have had the same echo without the famous portraits that Warhol produced when he learned of his death, a series of works made using a black and white photo taken from the 1953 film "Niagara".
  • Love for the music. From producer to cover designer - famous characters for use and consumption
    He gathered real icons of the scene like Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. For some he also made the covers of the records, including our Loredana Berté.
  • Sexual revolution
    With him came the true customs clearance of sexual mores and eccentricity, far more audacious than the one that has come down to us.
  • The Pop influence that reaches Puglia
    This is a separate section, curated by Michele Laporta, which tells the influence of Pop Art, Neo Pop and Neo Dada, but also of the personality of Andy Warhol himself, on both established and emerging Apulian artists, one of all Pino Pascal
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